Welcome to Synthetic Learn

At Synthetic Learn, our team of educationalists and data scientists have the solution for University management teams. Leveraging the power of big data, the blockchain and deep neural networks, our technology generates customized deepfake lecture recordings, without the time or expense of film crews, or dealing with the unreliability of academic staff.

Our Technology

In the video below we outline the advantages of our technology and the history of Synthetic Learn.

Our Team

Adrian Aronsson-Storrier

Adrian is CEO and co-founder of Synthetic Learn. He has a background as an academic with expertise in intellectual property and technology law. In his spare time he does normal human things, like rendering, buffering and transferring data.

William Page

Will is CTO and co-founder of Synthetic Learn. His research examines the areas of privacy law and facial recognition, and his expertise in the use and misuse of biometric data as foundational to the advanced proprietary software utilised by Synthetic Learn.

Our happy customers

Synthetic Learn’s proprietary deepfake technology has been adopted by several leading Universities.